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tv   BBC World News  WETA  August 6, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> "bbc world news" is prented by kcet-tv, s angeles. funding is made possibley the vreeman fodation of new york, now, vt. and honolulu. the newman's own undation and the hn d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation.
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>> union bank has put its rengths to small businesses and major corporations. what can it do for you? >> the u.s. and its its toe again into somalia. its not sending soldie this time. it is sending military support and aid. three dians convicted of the 2003 mumbai attac get the ath penalty. eping watch on uncle sam. why are russian submares patrolng off of the west coast? comi up lar, and jumping off
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rocks into the sea be saved? it can,ay the organizers of a new pursuit. she became a symbol of hope, but now australia mourns h passing. hello. the american sretary of state s warned erita that the u.s. will take action against the afric nation if it does not st supporting militantin somalia. somaliasbattling islamic exemists thinks -- thought to be linked al qaeda. she met somia's president
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today in kenya. from there, our eastfrica correspondent. >> anmark of respect for those killed duri a terrorism attk 12 years ago in central nrobi. the american embassy was bombed. the ctims wereostly canyons. -- kenyans. the.s. secretary of state believes tt the threat remains. >> it an oprtunity to rew our resolve to do all we can to ensure that these attacks do not kemore innocent lives inhe future. >> america sa tt the insurgen tryingo topp somalia' government islinked to qaeda. the gro wants to impose strict islamic law acro the country. it portrays this as a hol war.
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it appears to be attracting suort from iamic extremists. several young men were arrested in australia accused of plotting terrorist attacks. in th early 1990's under bill clint's predency, american troops tried to intervene in somalia. when helicopters were shot down and american soldiers killed, the americanpulled out. reluctant to send tops again, the uned states is attracting forces loyal to the sali governme. in nairobi, hillar clinton met with the somali president with a clear message. w're with you and we will help you to stay in power. will support you wh trainingnd weapons. >> if they nt to obtain a
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haven in somalia which uld then attractl qaedand other terrorist actors, itould be a threat to the united stat. >> th was aery public show of american suppo forhe president. some analystwould argue that itould possibly play intohe hands ofhe insuents, who long portrayed his gernment as a puppet ainistration. >> 13 yesafter the democrats the democratic repuic of congo in rwanda brokoff lations, the president told the congolese leader, rwanda wod never aga be a base for militias that could destabilize s neighbor. the u.s. senate has voted to confir dge sonia sotomayor as the firs hispanic supreme cou justice. the senate appvedher appointment 68-31.
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she is the third female justice to sit on the court. human rights watch ha condemned loss for its rocket attack -- has condemn hamas fots rocket atcks against isra. in indian cot has sentenced two men and woman to death for the mumbai bombings in 2003 that injured hundreds. investigatorsaid all three had links to a militant group bad in pakistan. more details in new delhi. the attackn august, 2003 was dastating. theombs were planted inside two taxis. one detonatedt the height of the buness hour, leavin behind a trailf destruction.
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the second, at the city's main ndmark, the gateway of india. more than 50 people we killed and nearly 0 were wounded. last week, a special court nvicted two men and a woman of pnting the bombs. outside, the main prosecution lawyer had this to say >> this decision is very important anit will send a strong signalo anye wo wants to engage in this kind of illelactivity costing the lives of the innoct population. > a judge handed them the death penalty. all three have plead not guilty andre expected to appeal againsthe sentence. their trial took place in high serity and under a poweul anti-terrorism law that no
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nger exists. prosecuts argued that the bombings were carefully planned arab -- and orn act of extreme brutality. all three deserve e harsh sentence, ty said. the bombings were saido be in retaliati of anti-muslim riots in 2002. all threare said to be members of a pakiani militants group accused of carrying out last year's mumbai aacks, whichas increased iction between india and pakistan. >> jt a footnote ther kistanssued a global alert or 13 suspects in connection with last year's mumbai attas. authories in the u.s. and pakistanre inveigating reports of a local pakistan leader-- a local talibaneader of being kled.
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paktan's interior minister says that there was a strong likelihood that he was killed alongside his fe. they are waiting dna tests. several thousand people hav attended the funer of britain's last survivor of but worldar trches. he ed last month, age 111. a hacr aack shut down twitter on wednesda hacrs directed a multude of compers to a single site. twitter is not the oy indicator of change in the media industry. rupert murdo, chairn of ws corp. says that the economic pictures so bleak tha he'going to start chaing for all online content
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derivedromis newspapers and television chaels. matthew pric reports from new york. >> this is the capital city o america'newspaper industry. for new york's newspaper vendors, the golden e is over. do you sell the same volume of newspapers that you di >> people are not buying papers like in the old times. >> y would hyde park withy hard-earne money to bua per like"the wall street journal," wh i get the sa content online for absoluly nothing? that is precisely e question that "the wl street journal," have been grappling withfor quite a ile. while it is true that i can click on some of the news contt and read through tha whout paying a penny, when i comes to some of t more premium contact -- preum content, thesay that i caot
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readit withoutubscribing and pang a fee. >> we over -- we have over 1 million people whout down money to get access to "the wall street journal" onne. >> now, pert murdoch wants to extend tt model to his other tles. me will scoff at thedea of paying for onlin tabloid aterial, but imagine th only ple you could havseen the recent picture ofichael jackson's ambulance was a scottish merchant websit millions would gladlyave paid. >> we have a gentleman here who needs hp. he s stopped breathing. >> they are also competg against free sites like e bbc. just like t music companies once tried, rupert muoch is nowtaking on the internet if he succeeds, he wl reshape the way tt weonsume news. ife fails, the newspar dustry could wear -- could well fail with it.
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>> nuclear pwer russian attack submarinesre patrolling off of the easter -- the westn coast of the unit states. the pentagon says that the entagon is monitoring the up maneuvers, but it i not alarmed byhem. what is moscow up to? >> russian submarines are rare enough sit --ight. two nuearower smarines have bn patrolling international waters. russia is flexing its milary muscle. uncomfortable memoriesre being raised of theold war. then, the u.s. and the soviet unionstole milary secrets of the coast. thpentagon is moniring movements of the russian
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submarines. what is the motivation behi this unusual msion? the russian military ss that russiaspots american and nato vessels off of i own coast. they say that prols are a normalhing. >> the fleet should no sit at home, you kw. it should not only fulfilled the task to combat piracy, but also internatnal tasks. >> two years ag russia retarted its patrols of a strategic bombers in international aspace, causing consternation in the west. russian generals sayhat they'reoing it because they we tired of interna routes. there are ually more things
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than that. >> i do not think it was an anti-americanesture. ihink it was a show to the world and the russian public ere -- the new renaissance of russian military might. i am als sure thathe russian population, ey are quite proud of it. >> russi military migh was on display with its roar -- wi itsar with georgia. it iangry about u.s. milary aid to t georgians. it is extremel sensitive aut what it sees as meddling in its backyard. >> stay with us onbbc world news." and electc guitar le affair. three generatis of the tar gends jam together.
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the cession seems to deeper th previously thought. the bank of england has decid it needs to pump an additional 4 billion into the economy. that sprisedany experts. >> for five months, the britain - britain'central bank has en pumping money in the economy. $210 billion is a lot of cash, but today, it decided it was not enough. the total is ing up to $300 billion. >> today's decision was a significant surpse. the expectatis had been that were geing toward the end ofuantitative easing. today, additional expenditures put u somewhere ove the tota that we previously expected. >> one reason for the surprise was th right now,he bank does not even know wherall of
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hat earlier mon has gone. the ba ofengland ha pumped all this money into the onomy and now, it is working its way through the system. it knows how mh money it has t in, but unlike the water company, it does not kn when or where that money is goingo come out. the areigns that the econy is picking up. new-car registratis rose 2.4% in july the first ris in 15 mohs. house prices rose by 1.1%. unemplment is still rising. the econy is probably still shrinking. this antitative easing is a icky business anthere could be toouchmoney in the econy in a year or so or there might be too little. by the time the bank of england knows forsure, it will probay be tooate. it is not turning off the p yet.
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>> one maineadline for you, the ited states seeking to hold somalia together has publicly warned eritrea to stop armed islamic militants. an uxpected consequence of n1 swine flu is fecting egypt. organic waste has beepiling up. thrat population is no booming. christian frasier reports. >> nce the age of eight, he has recycled waste. 14 hours a day for 30 years and life just gt even tougher.
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85% of the rubbish that they retrieve is sted, recycled and resold. it is araud trial existence in whicthe pig pys a crucial ro. ch month, the day the move their way thrgh 6,000ons of the rotting food collected. the exa money wasital for s family's welfare. >> i sold pigs twice a year to pay for amenng the car a t school fees for o three young children. i cannot replacehat i have lost. as t age 1 pandemic -- the h1n1 pdemic spread, the parliament vod kill the pigs eve thougthey were not incted. ere were riots as the governnt agents began their work. this bayard sky was full of pigs.
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nothey are all gone. most farmers say thathey onl receive a action of whatheir animals we worth. hardlyompensation for the meeting were able sell twice a yea the government's criticsaid that there was no thoug given to e effect that the measur would have. witho any research, what are we doing? if we kill all theigs, who is gointo be affected? how is this going to affecthe conomy and the people who ae growing the pigs? >> for this familypig meat was the only affordable source of animal protein. the government makes no apology. it was a necessy decision, s ministers to modeize the pig indury. >> in the very short-term, you have to do something.
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the sue is how to minimize the ffering. >> with no pigs, they are paying the extra cost of moving waste to the outskirts of the city. that mes mo food f hungry for men -- hungry vermin. >> john hughes has died. he died of a heart attack during morning walk inanhattan. he has direed and produced me of the most popular films in the 10's. the oscar-winning director wh made a cmate change cumentary, inconvient truth, s a new film out. its subject matter is vy different. it is called "it might ge loud ."
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>> all players of t electric guitar. jimmy pa, the edge, and jack wte. all rock legends, alagree to get together for a summit meeting at the hrt of this film. >>e thought, wouldn't be great to bring three different guitarists from thredifferent eras and fr musical styles that are so different -- wt questions wi a ask each other? hat songsith a play? >> w did you focus on the three partular electric guitar players? >> we wanted to pick three different guys from ree differengenerations. u2 came up in oppotion to led zeppelin. jack white came ot in
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oppotion to bands that were very layard and produced >> it mighgetoud includes footage of how they musicia got interest in te electric guit. >> jammie paghas never de anythingike this. has neery few intervie. he has never done any documentary's. we thoht that wwould never get him. he sd he would do it. >> this film clearly reveres these rock legends. >>this is what i'm actuly playing. that ist. the rest is the foot pedal, the fect, the wholething. >> for all thre musician it is aove affair with the guitar. they have wked alone and wh others t create their unique sound. >> can youput a gree bullet
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harmonica micropho on the guitar? >> the centerpiece the film is theummit when all three come togethero play for on another. itontains some detailshat will probably only appea tour core electc guitar fans. it willbe very hard for t film to mat th impact of "and inconvennt truth." the power of rocknd-roll to ing in an audience could mean that youill be presently surprised -- pleantly surprised byhe turnout athe box office. >> if you are heading to your nearest coastline this weekend, keep an eye ou for peoe park ave craze. others say that leaping ofa cliff into shallow water can be
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safe and a lot ofun. >> one of brain's fastest- growing outdoor activities d an increasinglpopular way to enjoy our wonderful coastlin. is it getting too pular and growing too fast for its ow good? to find out, i took to th water. divi into ocean swells and rocks aart ofn organized group is not thout some daer safety is alway paramount. >> this is a natural plground. there are rocks and ves and everythi else. you uld try to minimize the risks by putting on safety equipment, but tre is a chan of falling. its not complety sa, but that is what makes it such goo
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fun, i think. >> there is much more dangers unregulated fli te. it is calle tombstoning. it a group of individuals who arrived at the coasand are jumping off of the rock without anthought to the consequences. quite often,hey have been to the publicor and for a quick drink before they do it. >> he was just 17 years o when he jped off of aliff. he smashed his head on ros and hes now paralyzed. >> i could not move. i blacked out. >> around the country, dozens of people ve been injured or killed.
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an ficial guided tour is by far the safest option. a bit of jumping in bit of swimming. we're making the most of our wonderful coastline. >> talk about the perils of the natul world. this footage was originallyent be filled during the count's devastating wildfires, but it was actually taken a week before itied during an operati to save her from a li-threatening disease. >> the symbol of hope for so many people around the world was the gat picture of that wonderful koala being fed water one of our fire fighters. that gave peoplef the world a great sense tt this countr could ce through tse fires as we have.
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the koala was part of the symbol of that. it is tragic that it is no longer with us. >> as most o itain's policians disappear, it seems thatne of the landmarks is disappearing. this is part of a recreation of big n build from 500 bes of hay. >>undin>> funding is made possil by the vreemanoundation of new rk, now, vt. and honolu. the newman's own foundation and the john d. and cathere t. macarthur fodation. and union bank. and union bank. > union bank h put its
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strengs to helping small businesses and major coorations. what cane do for you? >> i' henry louis gates jr. pulic television is myource r election coverage tt you can count . a commitment to journalism to decing who to vote for. >> public brocastings my source for intelligent broadcasting for my counity. broadcasting for my counity.
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